Picking up golf as your new hobby or a gaming passion isn’t a child’s play but a new routine to imbibe in your lifestyle. If you want to ace up the skills in no time and hit the golf course, practice and consistency should become your best friends.

But hold on! If you are a complete beginner, you might need a good push and encouragement to set your tack. If you just decided to learn and play, here are the five best tips to embark on your journey today!

1.Know all about the golf rules and regulations

Before you begin the game, know all its pros, cons, the gaming field, and equipment to ensure the sport is really for you. You can search about famous golf players and go through their autobiographies to explore their determination and hardships.

There are plenty of golf gamebooks with all the rules and gaming regulations listed in updated terms which can help you get a big picture of the actual game. Once you understand golf’s nature and the conditions, you can jump into the course for a real play.

2.Start your journey with proper training

You should definitely start taking practical training beyond reading about the rules and regulations to learn the actual game. If you have purchased the right club and balls, you won’t know how to use them unless some expert teaches you. Golf instructors train systematically from the fundamentals by teaching all the required techniques and game scenarios.

3.Understand all about the various golf clubs to use the perfect ones

Golf clubs are various with different loft angles and shaft sizes, but you don’t need them all in the beginning. Learners usually choose the S-symboled (stiff-flex) clubs, having a loft range from 55-degrees to 60 degrees.

You can also try regular flex iron-8 standard golf clubs, but it would be hard to train and learn the moves. Instead, check out and choose the iron-6 clubs to learn swings and tricks first.

4.Maintain physical fitness all along- Get into that golfer’s body shape!

If you think swinging the club and hitting the ball into the hole is all the game is about, you are missing the actual basics! Physical fitness and proficient hand-eye coordination are a must for every golfer, and you should begin training to strengthen your body accordingly.

Since you need to work on both your lower body for prolonged standing and your upper torso for flexible twists, try to opt for full-body training to target all the required muscles. You can join a gym for proper and guided training or take up a remote personal trainer’s course with a mix of cardio and weight-building exercises.

weight-building exercises

5.Learn tricks to knock the ball both at a distance or into the putters

Simply flinging the ball somewhere in the vast course is not called golf. Your ball needs to get into the hole in no more than five or six strokes to make a good score.

For this proficiency, you need to learn all the tricks to knock your ball to a great distance, calculate the proper angle and trajectory, and even the short-distanced putter shots to knock your ball into the hole.